From the beginning

SCEE R&D was formed in the buildup to the launch of the original PlayStation in 1995, growing to become a department that today provides the full spectrum of services to help game developers succeed on PlayStation platforms, from direct support, consultancy, and training through to the creation of SDK tools, libraries, and other technologies.

1994 Milestone

Early foundations

Founded as Developer Support to help the first wave of games to succeed on PlayStation®. Communication was via a telephone hotline and a dial-up BBS, and based at Waverley House on Great Marlborough Street.


1995 Milestone

Fifth generation gaming

The original PlayStation launched in the PAL territories – Europe, the Middle East, Australia, New Zealand etc. – and Developer Support consisted of four people.

1997 Milestone

Let’s do it together

Renamed as Technology Group to reflect the diversification of the team to include both support and development of SDK tools and other software. The growing group moved to Golden Square. A version of the PlayStation SDK (named Net Yaroze) was released to support amateur coders and academia.

2000 Milestone

The world’s most popular console

PlayStation®2 launched. The SDK included a popular windows based Performance Analyser, and the Multistream audio libraries – both created by members of the team.

2005 Milestone

Gaming on the go

PlayStation®Portable launched.

2007 Milestone

PlayStation®3 launched

The SDK included many components developed by the team, including the first version of PhyreEngine, in addition to a number of SDKs (most notably WebMAF) to support video services.

2008 Milestone

Cutting edge

The growing department renamed as SCEE R&D to reflect the growing level of cutting-edge development taking place.

2012 Milestone

PlayStation®Vita launched

Much of the SDK (which started in 2008) included many UK-developed components, including the new Network Toolkit.

2013 Milestone

PlayStation®4 launched

At launch, the majority of the most successful SDK components that had been created by the group were part of the initial SDK.

2016 Milestone

PlayStation® VR launched

2016 saw the release of the first piece of hardware under the new structure and name of Sony Interactive Entertainment. PlayStation® VR allows users to immerse themselves in extraordinary new worlds

2016 Milestone

PlayStation®4 Pro launched

2016 ended in style with the launch of the world’s most powerful console, the super-charged PlayStation®4.