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In SIE R&D West, our main mission is to help game developers make the best games on PlayStation® through world class SDK, and tools.

So, as you’d expect, most of our work is targeted at the PlayStation® developer community – but that doesn’t mean we don’t create software that consumers can enjoy.

Perhaps our best-known innovation is Omsk, the user interface and server technology that powers PS4 demo units in the retail space. It’s this innovation that gives consumers the best PlayStation® experience before they buy.

We’ve also worked on various technologies and applications that consumers regularly encounter.

UEFA Champions League

The world’s biggest club competition

With the PlayStation® FC UEFA Champions League App Season 2 , you won’t miss a second of the breath-taking drama.

Redesigned from season 1, the app now has an easy to use filtering system for news and Match data for your followed team. Progress and goal notifications are available, even when you’re playing other PlayStation®4 games.

You’ll always feel connected and up-to-date with the PlayStation® FC UEFA Champions League App Season 2. Available for free on the PS Store.


Music video streaming software

With thousands of music videos from the world’s most popular artists, VidZone brings music to life on PlayStation®3 and PlayStation®4.

While video content is provided by VidZone, we developed the streamlined, intuitive application that powers the customer experience.

The application has gone on to a global release, beginning with PlayStation®3 in June 2011 and going next-generation on PlayStation®4 in December 2013.


Video streaming application framework

WebMAF is a framework for a video streaming application, using a web browser and a video player to provide standard video streaming on PlayStation® platforms.

The native code is supported and extended by SIE Euro R&D, making it easier for video service partners to bring their content to PlayStation®.



For PS Vita and PS Vita TV

When it comes to social media, consumers expect a Facebook experience that’s fast, convenient, and intuitive.

We developed a version of Facebook to coincide with the PS Vita launch, giving consumers an easier alternative to the PS Vita internet browser.

It’s also an application that makes using Facebook on PS Vita distinct, with powerful touch navigation.

We also developed the PS Vita TV version of the application, designed to make it simple to view photos on the big screen.


Turning PlayStation®3 into a DVR

Supplied as a USB digital terrestrial (DVB-T) TV tuner alongside EPG and recorder software, PlayTV is a DVR that allows consumers to capture free-to-air TV.

The initial PlayTV concept and prototype was an innovation project led by SIE Euro R&D – which was later green lit for development by WWS Cambridge (now Guerrilla Cambridge).

PlayTV was first released in September 2008.

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